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Confirmation from the vehicle owner
Purpose of the document: If you are the sole user of a vehicle for a certain period of time, but not the vehicle owner, you need confirmation from the vehicle owner. If this is the case, we can only consider the Audi vehicle for your enquiry if you enclose confirmation from the vehicle owner that you were the sole user of the vehicle for the specified period. You will find the vehicle owner in Part I of the current registration certificate of your Audi vehicle.
PDF 0.15 MB
Information Sheet
Purpose of the document: Information Sheet on the Redaction of Unrequired Data on Verification Documents
PDF 0.26 MB
Power of Attorney
Purpose of the document: You need a power of attorney if you are not making the request on your own behalf. The data subject can use the enclosed power of attorney to authorise you to exercise their desired right on their behalf.
PDF 0.21 MB
Request form: Rights of data subjects
Purpose of the document: With the aid of the request form you can start a request conformable to GDPR (e. g. data access or data rectification requests) with respect to your processed personal data by AUDI AG. To do so, please follow the instructions on the request form.
PDF 0.35 MB

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